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12 noiembrie 2010

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It is the tears of the earth that keep here smiles in bloom.It’s known to us all that different jewelry usually stand for different meanings, such as Tiffany jewelry stands for love, dream and eternity. Cartier jewelry is a symbol of nobleness and tiffany sets, Bvlgari jewelry symbolize beauty and classicality, carnelian represent a long life, diamonds indicate eternity and so on.

Try to imagine this, if a man uses a current passbook to propose marriage rather than a engagement diamond ring, I think you must be worried about your marriage. Excepting different morals of those fashion jewelry, they also have different functions, such as jade can ward off evil, crystal can improve the fortunes.

Though we can know if it’s true about tiffany watches, it must have its special reason rather than be created out of nothing. Chinese people have a good habit in this regard. In a word, if wearing a piece of jewelry can set one’s heart at rest, then why not wearing jewelry? What’s more, most qualities of fashion jewelry are very hard.

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